Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coming back...

After a rather intense and tapas (trans., willingness to endure intensity for the sake of self-transformation, more on this later!) filled month, which involved three major holidays, one major move, and zero yoga classes due to injury (again, more on this later)  I felt like I was going balmy.  

Yesterday was my first class back, and what a gift it was.  I walked into Chrissy's class after a month away, and it was packed.  A 12:45, level one class, there were at least 35 people in the class, and perhaps more.  I snuck in the back, as the class was about to start, and heard Chrissy say, "Kat!  So great to see you! How's the knee going?" I hope one day to be the kind of teacher that can be about to start a class filled to the brim and still take the time to check in with individual students. Amazing.

We started the class, and I admit, it was challenging to hold myself back the way I had to to protect my leg.  No jumping for me, no intense knee bends, which included no child's pose.  No child's pose?! 

However, I used the opportunity to focus on the things that I could do that challenge me.  Staying with my own body and not comparing my practice to other people. Learning how to listen to myself more fully.  Doing my own practice.

At the end, I was simply grateful. Grateful to be able to feel so at home in a class filled with laughing, joy-filled students, grateful to have such a tremendous teacher, and grateful to be exactly where I was that day.

What are you grateful for?

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